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Business Opportunities

DD8 Music is a prominent charity in Angus that is dedicated to promoting the involvement in creative activities to people of all ages. Based out of our studio in Kirriemuir we create opportunities for local young people to explore their creative abilities and provide a much-needed outlet for social exploration and inclusivity.

Working with us means that YOU are making a difference to your community and the lives of the people living in it.

Corporate Packages

When you develop a partnership with DD8 Music you are showing your commitment to support and enhance the lives of the people living in your community and joining us in our mission to empower, inspire and transform lives through the power of creativity, music and community led activity.

Benefits to your business

  • Involvement in your community
  • Become a conduit for change in the lives of young people
  • Enhance your brand
  • Increase your own audience
  • Fantastic marketing opportunities via Festival sponsorship
  • Satisfy your own Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Generate positive PR
  • Create a mutually beneficial relationship with a leading local charity

Download the brochures opposite for further information and details.


Ticket Sales

Tickets are now on sale for Bonfest 2024, grab yours now!!

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