Sunday Bands

Johnny Gallagher

Sunday Line-Up – Main Venue

Sin City

After a 7 year hiatus, Ash JD Baker former Angus in “Livewire the AC/DC Show” makes his long awaited return to the School boy uniform. Joining him, former band mate and incredible vocalist Gary John Jenkins will be reprising his role of Bon Scott, Recreating the sound and stage presence of AC/DC in the late 70’s.

Alongside them enters Dave Parker on bass who has held down the thundering low end in AC/DC bands for the last decade. Citing both Cliff and Mark as major influences, he meticulously perfected their tone, musical approach, playing style and attack. Matthew Nixon on rhythm guitar bringing a young Malcolm back to life with a accurate take on his signature tone and playing style. Joining them is veteran Drummer Al Cormell providing a huge wall of sound, creating the perfect backdrop!

From High Voltage to Highway to hell, SIN CITY will take you on a journey through the years of AC/DC with Bon Scott.

Emerald Sunday

Emerald Sunday

Six piece Rock band from the North of Scotland. Formed in 2008 Emerald Sunday began life as a cover band performing a full set of covers and gigging the local pub circuit. Gradually they started filtering in original material until there setlist was 90% original material. In 2015 they released there debut album ‘Revolution’ and began to gain a reputation around the country. The Revolution tour saw the band play some memorable shows rubbing shoulders with the likes of  Big Country, Primal Scream, The Animals, Example and many more.

In May the 1st 2017 Emerald Sunday released there second LP which was a huge step up and a return to there more live sound. Recorded at The Tpot Studio in Kinross The album reached number 17 in the Amazon Rock Chart. On April the 21st 2018 the lads signed there first management contract with Soil lead singer Ryan McCombes’s label Music House 37 . Shortly after they signed a record contract with American label Rock Avenue Records and a distribution deal with Sony Music.

The following year Emerald Sunday released there 3rd studio album ‘Willow’ to critical acclaim and briefly overtook Lewis Capaldi in the official Amazon album chart reaching number 4. The record was produced by Richard McNamara of Yorkshires finest, ‘Embrace at his studio in Halifax, England.

Emerald Sunday

Main Venue Event – FAQ’s

No animals are permitted within the festival boundary.

Doors open at 6.00pm each night.

Yes, children need be 12+ and accompanied by an adult.

Very close, literally a 2-minute walk!

Yes, the car park is located on the main arena site and is accessible via the A928 Glamis Road. Parking is free at the festival site for the weekend. A free shuttle bus service will run from the campsite to the town from noon till 8pm each day.

Yes, George from Alba Catering is located on site selling burgers in the evening and breakfasts for campers every morning. There will also be a pie stall serving a selection of hot pies.

Yes, there will be a supply of water for portable toilets on site.

Yes, an area will be provided on site for the emptying of portable toilets.

Yes, a welfare tent with security will be available for campers.


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